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Imtech go back to school in the North East

Added on: 06/12/2017

Following successful delivery of six Priority School’s projects in 2016, Imtech will shortly begin installation of the M&E services at Darras Primary School in Northumberland.

During the pre-construction phase, the team worked closely with Northumberland County Council and Galliford Try to undertake extensive value engineering. This ensured the building and its’ technical specifications were designed within budget and achieved maximum value for the client.

The Imtech Engineering Services team are delivering the £1.1m mechanical and electrical package, including life systems, at the new two-storey building plus car parks and sports pitches. The team will also ensure all M&E systems in the current school are safely isolated prior to demolition.

‘We are pleased to be working on yet another schools project with Galliford Try,’ commented Neil Hogg, Regional Director, Imtech Engineering Services North ‘The team will utilise their extensive experience of working in live environments to successfully deliver this project, whilst ensuring as little disruption as possible for the pupils, staff and visitors to the current school.’

Darras Hall