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Imtech to deliver £4m energy savings for North West Ambulance Service

Added on: 30/11/2017

Imtech has recently exceeded its guaranteed energy savings for the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) by 13% and is on target to deliver cost savings of over £4m to frontline patient care by 2029, as well as helping the NWAS achieve its’ carbon reduction aims.

In October 2014, NWAS entered into a 15-year energy performance contract with Imtech via the Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF). The Imtech team implemented various measures including the installation of photo-voltaic panels, electronic thermostatic radiator valves and microgeneration, providing a comfortable environment, with upgraded lighting, heating and building controls for the occupiers of the facilities.

As a result of the innovative measures installed by Imtech, the contract exceeded its energy saving objective by over £19,000 in 2016 and is now on target to deliver on all its guarantees; reducing CO2 by 9,300 tonnes and saving over 25 MWh energy by 2029. Imtech have also been able to provide cost certainty for the planned preventative maintenance, delivered via Imtech Inviron, for the remainder of the contract.

Paul Gilfoyle, NWAS Estates Manager, commented: ‘Our partnership with Imtech has developed into an open, collaborative relationship. The engineering team are always very responsive to queries, dealing with them quickly and efficiently. The energy and cost savings delivered have exceeded our expectations, and those guaranteed by Imtech and the CEF, this is particularly pleasing as it directly benefits our frontline patient care.’