Mary Thorpe, Office Manager, Suir Engineering

‘Since joining Suir, I have always been encouraged to challenge myself, to progress and develop by taking on these different roles. ’

How have you got to where you are today?

I have had a diverse and very career different path than most, having put my career to one side to bring up my children, when I went back to work I started in the medical device sector. During this time I begun managing a clinic for many years.

I ended up in construction completely by accident starting with Suir in 2017 as a receptionist which very quickly gave me great exposure to the construction world and all the different aspects of the work Suir do, both at home and abroad. I loved it!

How has your career progressed to date?

Having started on reception, Suir’s management gave me the autonomy to make the role my own and it really gave me a platform on which to showcase my capabilities and proved how easy it was for me to shine in a male dominated industry.

I progressed to PA to the Managing Director, and I am now the Office Manager with responsibility for both Waterford and Dublin offices.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their career?

Be patient, empathetic but driven. Be inquisitive, eager to learn, no matter what career you choose, and believe in your ability to do absolutely anything.

Never feel held back by your gender, but don’t feel superior either, as women we should be our own role models, we should be inspiring generations, both male and female.