The Imtech Way

A key strategic element of our strategy is the ambition to develop a consistent approach across Imtech and to integrate new ways of working.
This will allow us to continue on our successful path and keep pace with the market and competition.
The Imtech Way is a continuous improvement programme to help us achieve these objectives and drive better and more consistent performance across the business.
We want every single one of our projects to consistently look, feel and perform as an Imtech project, no matter where it is located, who the client is or what size and level of complexity it is.
We will do this through:

  • Realigning our preconstruction and construction management processes to ensure consistency
  • Ensuring our visual standards are met everywhere
  • Implementing suitable DfMA and digital solutions
  • Ensuring that our front line staff are operating in a safe manner and to the best of their abilities during all phases of the project lifecycle

In real terms this means the implementation of management boards on all our sites, which allow our project teams to have daily site meetings focussing on tasks at hand and how we can minimise waste and disruption. Adherence to programme is key, whilst minimising waste. We aim to train all our project staff and subcontract supervision in Lean Principles to make this process effective.

Imtech Way Overview