Decentralised Energy

The UK’s centralised model of production and transmission wastes an astonishing two-thirds of primary energy inputs, requiring us to burn far more fuel and emit far more carbon dioxide than necessary. But there is an alternative where electricity is generated close to or at the point of use avoiding the losses in transport and driving efficiency by utilising the heat generated in the process through technologies such as combined heat and power (CHP) systems. In a decentralised energy system, buildings, instead of being passive consumers of energy, become power stations, constituent parts of local community energy networks.

Our low carbon solutions approach is to:

• Analyse the power, heating and cooling load requirements of the building/s
• Assess the local grid connection availability
• Survey the area for potential of local and district heat network distribution
• Prepare an outline technical and/or financial model including local planning requirements
• Agree best model and commercial structure to progress the project
• Carry out full design to clients performance requirements
• Provide full Design & Build Services under an acceptable EPC contract
• Provide full Operation & Maintenance Services over agreed term.

We offer all the services necessary to establish optimised decentralised energy systems from planning, design and procurement to implementation and operation.