Green Power

Generating renewable electricity from natural resources such as the wind, sun or earth as well as utilising waste products to produce heat and power or convert into biogas or valuable biofertilisers, are all forms of our low carbon power solutions. These solutions not only offer the opportunity to decarbonise the UK’s centralised energy infrastructure ensuring the carbon content of power delivered to your home or business is lower, but also draw upon circular economy techniques to maximise on our natural capital.

As an engineering and infrastructure provider with 20+ years experience within the UK’s utilities sector none of these technologies or applications are new to us. We offer all the services necessary to take a project from idea stage to an operational asset including assistance in the funding strategies and legal structures as well as the technical models.

We have already helped a number of leading companies to produce power from their natural capital utilising technology solutions such as advanced digestion, biomass or wind turbines, enabling these organisations to self-generate the power they need on site, export the surplus back to the grid and reduce their waste products. Integrated solutions are vital to ensure that we can optimise energy efficiency and sustainable power generation to achieve power and energy self-sufficiency.