Life at Imtech

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Life at Imtech

We’re committed to creating an environment that our employees feel safe and valued in, across all our business units. Our people first culture is built around the key pillars of respect, inclusivity, innovation, challenge & growth and safety.

Respect & Inclusivity

At Imtech everyone has a voice. We champion respect across all of our business units, committed to creating a healthy and welcoming environment for all employees.


Innovation is the engine of our business. It’s a mindset that we encourage our employees to take to every work assignment, applyto every problem and embed in each customer interaction.

Challenge & Growth

Working at Imtech we inspire excellence. More than a job, we recognise the unique value each employee brings and provide the opportunity for employees to find purpose through realising their potential.


From boardroom to front line, we place safety front and centre. Supporting physical and mental health we ensure that our employees feel at their best.
See our commitment to zero harm.

Career Paths

Encouraging people to take personal responsibility for driving their own career, we inspire a bottom-up approach to career progression, providing the setting, tools and opportunities for employees to develop in a direction that’s meaningful to them.

Work Life at Imtech

We employ a practical approach to people development. Learning from the best in the industry, employees draw on industry best practice from the people who have already charted inspiring paths, helping them to develop their own skills and knowledge.

In addition, we apply a continuous improvement approach to up skilling our people. From day one, employees are given opportunities to hone new skills alongside developing an understanding of innovation, business improvement and discovering their own unique value to the business. Mentorship programmes put employees in touch with people who can offer support early on in their career and offer long term guidance and encouragement after the programme is complete.

Learning and Development

Learning and development are fundamental to our commitment to ensure our people have the skills and capabilities they need to meet and exceed customer expectations. Challenging our employees to develop beyond even their own expectations, we provide regular intervals for career progression and performance review, to inform development plans.

We also offer an active stream of workshops, courses and toolbox talks to further training and development, connecting employees with colleagues who can assist in personal and professional development of others. Furthermore, we offer technical qualifications for apprentices and trainees, such as HNDs, HNCs and ONCs, as well as opportunities to study for professional qualifications and even achieving Chartered status with relevant professional bodies.

Building Leaders of the Future

We offer a range of high quality leadership development programmes to support employees at all stages of their leadership career from first line through to senior leadership. We recognise the critical role leaders play in the success of our business and are committed to supporting the highest levels of competence and capability.

Our work-based training programmes at Imtech Group include a number of opportunities to give potential new hires an insight into working with our people and empowering them to contribute ideas and skills to the team, enabling development across the company.

The Apprenticeship programme inducts new recruits into the business. On site they develop practical skills and knowledge alongside academic study for a formal technical qualification. Apprentices can stay with us into the Advanced Apprenticeship programme to work and study towards HNDs or HNCs in their chosen discipline.

Graduate Development Programme

Our graduate development programme encourages those who want to be among the best in the industry. Confident team players with good understanding of our clients’ needs will thrive in this varied role. Graduates will benefit by moving across the business in different placements working alongside our top managers to develop skills to become a future Imtech Group leader.

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