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Imtech in the frame for CEF schemes

Added on: 01/06/2018

Imtech are delighted to announce it has been appointed to the next six-year Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) framework. Through the current agreement Imtech has successfully delivered over £15m of complex infrastructure projects and continue to maintain two major UK hospitals.

The CEF framework has access to £300m+ of capital funding and is designed to assist public sector clients to procure and manage energy infrastructure upgrade services whilst helping clients reduce their carbon footprint and maximising energy efficiency. The CEF and Imtech guarantee annual savings allowing NHS Hospital Trusts to invest in frontline patient care, along with their estates and capital project programmes.

To date, via the current framework, Imtech Low Carbon Solutions has provided energy efficient and cost reduction solutions that are on target to deliver in the region of £20m savings for North West Ambulance and Harrogate & District NHS Trust. The team also are currently delivering an infrastructure upgrade project at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Following successful delivery of the complex infrastructure upgrades, Imtech’s experienced engineers undertake the vital role of ensuring the systems are operated and maintained to optimum levels for up to 25 years. The team, working closely with the CEF, continuously monitor and report on the carbon reduction and energy savings ensuring targets are met.

‘Appointment to the new framework will allow Imtech’s Low Carbon Solutions team to build on its’ previous successes with the Carbon and Energy Fund,’ commented Andrew Dobbie, Operations Director, Imtech Low Carbon Solutions ‘We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the CEF team, building on our previous four years of successful project delivery and we are committed to finding innovative solutions that improve the NHS Estate.’