Jordan Bancroft talks college, career and life skills

Added on: 07/03/2018

As its National Apprenticeship Week, we thought this would be a good opportunity to catch up with Imtech’s Jordan Bancroft, the current ECA Edmundson Apprentice of the Year.

Having successfully completed your apprenticeship you’re now a Trainee Engineer, tell us about your career with Imtech to date…

I started my apprenticeship following my A levels, I’ve always been a practical person so doing an apprenticeship gave me the ideal opportunity to qualify as an electrician through on-the-job training coupled with block release at college. It’s tough working and studying at the same time, but I have to say I do enjoy it, as you can see where it’s leading. I’m currently studying towards my ONC/HNC in Building Services, when I’ve completed this four-year course I’ll have an HNC, this will really help towards my future career aspirations.

We’re very proud to have the ECA Edmundson Apprentice of the Year in Imtech – how’s it been for you so far?

I am hoping to support the ECA at events throughout the year, as I’m keen to promote apprenticeships and encourage as many people into the industry via this route as I can. It’s a great way to learn a trade and gain qualifications.

I was lucky enough to visit the LeGrand (electrical accessories manufacturer) factory near LeMans in France recently, I also got to visit its’ major distribution facility near Paris during the trip.

It was very interesting to see the systems they are developing. There is currently a lot of time, effort and money going into creating smart systems for homes, these systems are rigorously tested throughout development and it was definitely a glimpse into the future.

I think we’ll all become far more aware of the energy we’re using and have much more control over it. Turning on lights, heating, cookers and kettles just in time for when we get home via our phones, will become the norm and we’ll all be using smart systems to control our homes.

What do you think has been the most interesting aspect of your career?

For me it’s been the variety of work and projects, which is one of the advantages of doing an apprenticeship with a company such as Imtech.  Just a few of the jobs I’ve worked on include a large distribution centre for Sports Direct, the upgrade of Nottingham Train Station, the development of a Grade One Listed building into a luxury spa hotel in Buxton and residential buildings in London and Cambridge.

I am also incredibly proud to have worked on the transformation of the Olympic Stadium into West Ham’s new home and am currently working on one of the biggest projects taking place in London at the moment.

What advice would you give to an Apprentice starting their career?

Always be attentive, diligent and inquisitive, listen to your mentors, learn from everyone around you, always ask questions and of course, get your head down and work hard. You’ll soon gain a reputation as someone who gets the job done and is interested in learning more, I found this led to me being given a wider variety tasks and being trusted to take on more responsibility.

I’d definitely tell them to always work safely, take notice of the training you get and be observant for hazards. One of the things I learnt early on was that it’s OK to say if you see a colleague working in what you think may be an unsafe manner, always take the time to say something, you may save a life. Never think that it’s someone else’s responsibility.

Finally, apart from work experience and your qualifications, what do you think personally you’ve gained from being an apprentice at Imtech?

Having the opportunity to work away quite a lot has given me numerous life skills that I just don’t think I’d have got if I had been working near home. My confidence and independence have grown, I’ve learnt to manage myself and my finances and I am proud to say I’ve recently bought my own home where I’m putting to use my practical skills by doing it up.

Also, I have been able to use and build on the skills from being a football referee in my spare time. Particularly in my current role, as I’m in charge of making sure programmed areas of work are completed on time. I have to organise the team, ensure they all understand what they need to do and when they need to do it, whilst liaising with other trades and our project team to keep them up to date on the progress too. This certainly brings into play my organisational and people skills.

Jordan Bancroft