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Jan Watt

Senior Quantity Surveyor ,

Imtech Engineering Services
Jan Watt
Quote Ignore any preconceptions. There are so many careers in construction, the opportunities are there if you have ambition and drive. Quote

What brought you to Imtech?

The people. The interactions and relationships which you have are so important as it is a close-knit industry and I already knew some of the people from previous roles.

How has your career progressed to date?

I started working in construction in 2008, I attended University part-time and this helped me to gain insight to various roles from mechanical engineering to CAD to Health and Safety, whilst taking my degree. After 10 years in the UK as an M&E Building Services Quantity Survey I moved to Amsterdam, working across multiple Data Centres in the Netherlands before joining Imtech in my current role.

What’s your greatest career achievement to date?

The challenge of starting a new life abroad, with a different language, cultural norms and lifestyle was daunting but a rewarding experience. Stepping out your comfort zone builds so many skills, most of all resilience and confidence

What skills do you think you need to be successful?

Communication can never be underestimated. Knowing what is going on from the people on each project is so important to my role. You’re only as good the information you have and building strong relationships is the best way to ensure you have it.

What motivates you?

Seeing a project coming together. There’s a unique sense of achievement when everyone has worked toward completion and the project is handed over to the client.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their career?

Ignore any perceptions you may have of the industry. There are so many different types of careers in construction, the possibilities and opportunities are there for anyone with the right ambition and drive.

Why do you enjoy working at Imtech?

The same reason as I joined, the people. The company has a local feel to it and that’s down to the type of people and the level of experience that we have.