Sally Parker


Sally Parker

Junior Engineer, Capula ,

Sally Parker
Quote Skills are learned and developed on-the-job with the backing of a strong support network Quote

What brought you to Capula?

I joined Capula in July 2017 as a Junior IT Engineer, I’m undertaking a Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship.

What’s your greatest career achievement to date?

I was really pleased to win the UK Nuclear Skills Awards Apprentice of the Year 2021. The award recognised all my hard work and the enthusiasm I have for my role and this industry

What motivates you?

This recognition continues to motivate me, whether its learning about new technologies, increasing my awareness and understanding of the nuclear industry or developing my personal and professional skills.

What skills do you think you need to be successful?

Self-confidence, it allows you to take smart risks and move outside your comfort zone.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I already feel like a pivotal member of the team and have developed some great relationships. Skills are learned and developed on-the-job with the backing of a strong support network, both at work and University.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their career?

Remember you don’t have to know everything you just have to find out where to find it. Being an apprenticeship within the nuclear industry offers exciting opportunities to learn and develop your skills, you’ll gain experience and work on interesting and business critical projects, alongside knowledgeable people.

Why do you enjoy working at Capula?

I love working at Capula as everyone is friendly and it’s a stimulating environment. I’ve always found that when I need help there is no shortage of people willing to lend a hand.