Tax Strategy Statement

Risk management and governance

ESSCI Group (trading as Imtech UK and Ireland) has a Business Ethics Policy and associated Code of Conduct that lay out the standards of behaviour we expect from all of our employees. These principles apply to matters relating to taxation just as they do to other aspects of our day-to-day operations.

We operate an effective tax control framework, focussing on having the right control environment, risk identification, control activities and monitoring of our compliance with relevant legislation and our business strategy.

The management of tax is undertaken by our Finance function, which reports to the Group Chief Financial Officer who has overall responsibility for Group taxation compliance. In order to meet our tax requirements across the Group we employ appropriately qualified and trained professionals with the right level of tax expertise and knowledge of our businesses, and we take appropriate advice from professional firms.

Tax planning

We acknowledge that our ethical and legal obligation is to respect all applicable tax laws and to pay the amount of tax due. Fair, accurate and timely disclosures are made in tax returns, reports and documents that the Group submits to tax authorities.

While we aim to maximise the tax efficiency of our business transactions we do not use structures in our tax planning that are contrary to the intentions of the relevant legislation.

Risk in relation to taxation

It is our aim to control and manage tax risks through appropriate policies and our tax control framework. We acknowledge our objective of adding value to the Group in support our business objectives. In this context we will develop our people and look to continuously improve how we govern tax in our organisation.

Our relationship with HMRC

We operate with integrity in our compliance and reporting, ensuring an open, honest and transparent relationship with all relevant stakeholders including tax authorities, business partners, customers, employees, and analysts.