LOLER Manager

LOLER Manager
LOLER Manager

LOLER Manager GKN , UK

Main Purpose and Responsibilities

  • To Direct, Organise, and Plan all L.O.L.E.R PPM and Reactive tasks to be carried out with the resources allocated, with particular regards to the level of service, quality, and cost control.
  • Taking ownership to Motivate, Lead and Encourage Team Building on ALL levels
  • Meeting agreed completion dates, and working within the requirements of current Health & Safety Legislation, as well as L.O.L.E.R/PUWER regulations.
  • To Liaise and Communicate directly with the Customer on a daily basis and ensure continuity and smooth running of individual projects.
  • Daily Responsibility and Accountability for ALL Subcontractors under your control
  • To work within the budgetary restrictions of each individual L.O.L.E.R PPM and Reactive task and be Accountable
  • Coordinate weekend break down duties
  • Attend individual sites, to ensure quality control on all PPM and Reactive tasks undertaken by the team relating to L.O.L.E.R

Summary of Main Duties:

  1. Liaise with Customers at individual PPM, Reactive and Project level, Promoting good working relationships with all relevant parties
  2. Collate information from the Customer e.g. ensuring receipt of up to date drawings, scope of works and reports and any relevant information to the individual LOLER PPM’s and Reactive
  3. Inform customer on new equipment install by new asset request form.
  4. Collate breakdown information from the Customer out of hours and arrange appropriate action as required
  5. Taking responsibility for ensuring that Direct Labour and Sub Contractors are issued, and have received, all relevant information
  6. Keeping a daily record of all relevant activities e.g. Site Diary, Signed PPM and Reactive Work Sheet as and when required and Contract Variation Sheets on additional works
  7. Review the Concept Evolution system on a daily bases making sure ALL PPM’s and Reactive are closed off in a timely fashion
  8. Health & Safety – to adhere to current legislation, L.O.L.E.R regulations and guidelines, and maintaining the Inviron QSHE file in accordance with Inviron procedures
  9. Responsible for Reviewing Risk Assessment and Method Statement for all relevant works being undertaken under the L.O.L.E.R regulations and issuing it to the Customer
  10. Ensure Sub Contractors under your control have issued their Risk Assessment and Method Statement and that they are of an acceptable standard
  11. Ensure attending Sub Contractors under your control are using the appropriate PPE
  12. Responsible for ensuring and enforcing that All Sub Contractors work within Health & Safety requirements agreed within the approved Method Statement
  13. Responsible for permit control:- ensuring that permits are raised for ALL works as required and extended as required throughout the Contract, (e.g.) Hot Works; Confined Spaces etc
  14. Ensure safe working practice at ALL times
  15. To carry out any other Works and Responsibilities, as reasonably required by the business, in lines with your Capabilities and Training
  16. Ensuring that ALL Maintenance/Servicing of all equipment as laid down by L.O.L.E.R and P.U.W.E.R. regulations
  17. Maintain GKN/Inviron lifting register via Concept Evolution
  18. All A1 defects are Reviewed and Reported to the Customer and repairs are rectified as laid down by L.O.L.E.R Regulations
  19. Review issued specification for the engagement of competent subcontractors to repair and maintain all lifting equipment/working at height equipment, mobile elevating work platforms
  20. To control and record all mobile cranes entering site making sure they comply with current legislation due to location on a live airfield
  21. Control and Record of subcontractors, GKN and Inviron personnel using/operating lifting equipment MEWPS and Working at height equipment
  22. Control and Record all new lifting equipment entering site, ensuring equipment complies with site procedures, and is purchased through approved suppliers and the correct standards
  23. Assist with all projects which require lifting equipment and working at height equipment, to maintain site standard’s.
  24. To assist with any lift plans, which require doing, and any controlled lifts as a qualified appointed person under regulation 8 of L.O.L.E.R.
  25. Provide familiarization and safe working practices to operators on all electric overhead-travelling Cranes
  26. Audit contractors used by us, to maintain L.O.L.E.R standards in meeting regulations
  27. Assist in negotiating prices with suppliers as specialist equipment.
  28. Review and Monitor Project on all major lifting equipment, purchases and installations.
  29. Inform GKN business areas of upcoming service and maintenance tasks, and state of play of breakdowns and repairs.


  • Organising All Direct Labour and Sub Contractors
  • Organise the works as laid out in the agreed PPM & Reactive programme
  • Organise the effective and efficient utilisation of ALL Subcontractors, Direct Labour, Plant, Equipment, Materials and Transport Resources, allocated in accordance with Inviron procedure and good working practices in order to Reduce Cost and Maximise Profits
  • Meeting the agreed targets and timescales on all PPM and Reactive tasks


  • Develop and promote good lines of communication with Customers, Sub Contractors, and Suppliers at appropriate levels.
  • Act as central L.O.L.E.R Liaison between GKN Management, All Direct Labour, Sub Contractors, and Project Managers at an individual project level
  • Any Contract Variations or Changes to the agreed scope are confirmed and signed by an approved GKN representative and where required additional prices submitted.


  • Raising and issuing to appropriate parties, regular Inviron reports via Concept Evolution
  • Making sure the PPM and Reactive job sheets have been signed off by the team making sure all information is documented
  • Making sure the L.O.L.E.R PPM and Reactive work sheets have been signed, checked as complete before handing to Admin to close them down via Concept Evolution
  • Correlating Operations & Maintenance information for the O&M file and relevant certification ready for handover. Submit to the Contracts Manager to be viewed and handed over to the customer on ALL new installs
  • Collect, approve and complete the Operative Direct Labour timesheets within the deadline
  • Notify the Contract Manager of any overtime, which may be required
  • Ensure smooth inspection of the works and hand-over to the customer
  • Supervising all required documentation, and submitting within appropriate time scales via Concept Evolution
  • Update individual site based records, in accordance with Inviron procedures ie New Asset Form etc.
  • Attend meetings at the appropriate level:
  • Provide information where required at the appropriate level
  • Respond to minute items were required at the appropriate level

Quality control:

  • Frequently attend individual PPM and Reactive sites, and carry out L.O.L.E.R inspection, to maintain and achieve the Customers and Inviron’s expectations.
  • Produce and update sound PPM and Reactive information, based on acceptable quality, and information ascertained from PPM schedules, reactive break down sheets, drawings, and other information gathered from appropriate sources.
  • Ensure PPM schedule and reactive task information is issued in the correct format, to all relevant parties and adequate time scales are indicated.
  • Positively promote Inviron’s procedure and good working practices at ALL times
  • All works to be undertaken in lines with the current working regulations

Key Contacts:

  • Inviron’s site based Contract Manager
  • Inviron’s site based Supervisor
  • Inviron’s Admin team
  • Inviron’s Project Coordinator
  • The Customer at individual project level
  • GKN Managers re permits to work, access to site of works and out of hours working
  • GKN as the Customer and Internal GKN staff as and when required
  • Suppliers
  • Sub Contractor’s