Zero Harm

At Imtech, safety is more than statistics. Although we are above industry average in meeting safety standards, for us it goes far beyond metrics. Safety is a core value that underpins our entire approach to work. Through our Zero Harm mission we are continually evolving our culture, encouraging employees to advocate for health, safety, the environment and well being.


Imtech Group

Empowering Behavioural

We are responsible for providing a safe environment for our employees, subcontractors and supply chain on site and beyond project completion. Committed to delivering Zero Harm, we empower our employees to challenge all unsafe behaviours without any fear. Supporting our people to be decision makers, report all incidents promptly and act responsibly always, even when no one is looking, we enable our employees to return home safely each night.

“A zero harm culture is about making the correct choice, even when no one is looking. Choices that keep us all and the wider community safe and healthy.”

Tom Prendergast
HSEQ Director

Our Zero Harm Mission

Our Zero Harm approach is comprised of four key pillars:

Promoting health and wellbeing

We strive to create and maintain a healthy workplace, one where all our employees, clients and partners work together to support and promote good health and wellbeing.

Ensuring consistent workplace safety

All working environments at Imtech require consistent safety rules and regulations, our Zero Harm approach encompasses all factors that impact the safety of employees on site, in offices at whilst working from home.

Acting with environmental responsibility

Environmental sustainability and responsibility is central to our operating ethos. Our employees and supply chain are responsible for complying with environmental legislation to reduce the impact that Imtech has in the communities we operate in.

High quality, every time

Quality is critical to Imtech and its customers, this helps us retain and create new business streams. Our aim is to deliver right, first time, every time!

Our Zero Harm Values


Leading by example, with a top-down approach to safety our leaders visibly practice health and safety. Seeking opportunities to be involved in demonstrating safety and recognise employee adherence to it.


Imtech management actively demonstrate efforts to show health and safety is a core value making regular visits and engaging with the workforce in an honest an open manner. Where possible Imtech commits to resolving any issues raised by the workforce in a timely manner.

Communication & Consultation

We deliver effective written and oral communications on health and safety practices whilstencouraging two-way communication with employees. All communications, incident investigations and procedural reviews are carried out in an open and transparent manner.


All Imtech employees adopt a common vision, owning the organisational values, attitudes, behaviours to keep safety embedded as a core value. Committed to always carrying out duties safely, our employees protect themselves and their co-workers at all times.